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Diabetes is one of most prevalent disease in our country. Diabetes occurs because of either insulin deficiency or inability of insulin to work at its receptor. In this disease the level of glucose in blood increases and cells are not able to utilise glucose properly.

Diabetes is broadly of 2 types:

Type 1 diabetes. It usually occur in younger people , who are lean (thin) and not related to genetics. In this, the condition of patient deteriorates quite fast and becomes dependent on insullin injection .

Type 2 diabetes occurs in middle age , related to genetics, lifestyle disorders like lack of physical activity and overweight stress and too much of carbohydrates and fat in diet. In many cases, it may remain undiagnosed for years as usually the symptoms are not very obvious.

Diabetes Doctor inn Ghaziabad

Doctor for Diabetes in Ghaziabad

Living a almost normal lifestyle with diabetes is very much possible. For his two things which are most important are awareness and self-control. The pillars to control diabetes are mindful eating , regular excercise , stress management and regular consulation with your doctor. The diabetic patients should consume a diet which is low in carbohydrate and fat and with minimal sugar.

Exercise should be made a routine part of lifestyle. It can be done in any form like brisk walking , jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics or yoga asans. Consulation with your doctor on regular interval is another most important aspect for diabetes control. The armamentarium for diabetes controlling medication has grown and we have quite effective treatment available now.

Being diagnosed with diabetes is a mental trauma for most of the patients as they are usually not able to accept have lots a fear, guilt and anxiety related to it. Living with diabetes is related to awareness , control and regular consultation with your doctor.