Best Physician in Ghaziabad

General Physicians are specialists who treat intense and ongoing diseases and give wellbeing and preventive consideration to their patients. People visit a Physician when they acquaintance with problems like cold, cough, infections, fever, stomach ache, bowel problems, etc.

There are many General Physicians in Ghaziabad. , but Dr. Shivani Bansal is best in this profile because she has best knowledge and great experience in this field.

They choose and assess medical therapies and drugs wisely to treat and prevent disease. Dr. Shivani Bansal highly skilled in clinical decision making and the cost-effective use of healthcare resources.

Best Physician in Ghaziabad

Physician Doctor in Ghaziabad

Department of Sai Eye Care & Medical Centre has been rendering social and community service in and around Ghaziabad on periodical basis. The essential point is to identify constant issues like diabetes, hypertension, heart issues and malignancy.

The Hospital has a different Dialysis unit with Dialysis machines, Comprehensive Cardiac and Neuro diagnostics, completely fledged accredited Laboratory and Radiology unit capable of comprehensive diagnostic services.